Wassermelone Wassermelonen Obst Messer Melonenschneider Melonenmesser Edelstal

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Wassermelone Wassermelonen Obst Messer Melonenschneider Melonenmesser Edelstal

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Abmessungen: 20,5 cm

Klingenlänge: 10,6 cm

Dicke: 0,9 mm

Nettogewicht: 73 g

This multi-purpose slice & serve slicer will help you make perfect melon and cake slices every time without the effort of cleaning your kitchen and dinner table afterwards. Few things are as messy as cutting watermelons because of its high water contents that flood from the cutting board to the table beneath.


That's the beauty of this slicing tool, you only need to cut the melon in half then the messy part is finished without you needing to clean everywhere. It is easy to use and perfect for serving evenly cut slices to the guests during summer dinners and parties.


Made from durable stainless steel this slicer tool is child safe with no sharp edges reducing the risk of injury, the slicer has a comfortable grip handle that allows for that extra precision and control. It is also dishwasher safe therefore can be cleaned and maintained easily.


Multi-purpose slice and serve cutter

Unique design slices from the bottom

Every slice is cut evenly

Ideal for watermelon, cake, honey dew, cantaloupes, etc.

Reduces the amount of mess, making clean-up easier

Comfort grip handle for extra precision and control

Made from durable stainless steel

Child safe with no sharp edges



1 * Melonenmesser Edelstal



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