Schlagfalle Mausefalle Lebendfalle Rattenfalle Mausefalle Maus Holz Falle Billig

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Schlagfalle Mausefalle Lebendfalle Rattenfalle Mausefalle Maus Holz Falle Billig

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High quality material was used to make this mouse trap

Simple to use mouse trap that will catch multiple rodents in one night. It dumps the mouse in the bucket and resets for the next mouse.

It has a magnet that holds it steady until the mouse gets close to endof the plank. Then it dumps him in. There is an adjustment screw to adjust the weight needed to dump the trap.

It comes preset to catch most mice. It will not work on rats, they are to big for this trap.

To set up the trap all you need a bucket (BUCKET NOT INCLUDED) and a piece of wood for the mice to climb up.

It is very Suitable for barns, garage and houses etc.


How to use:

1. Take the Mouse trap out of it's pack. aging and find a bucket.

2. Place the mouse trap on the bucket.

3. Find an object or a long stick and place in on the bucket  right next to the trap

4. add  some peanut butter of other baits on the end of the trap.

5. fill the bucket up 1/3 ways with water if you wish for the trap to be lethal.

6. now Wait....



Material: wooden+Acrylic

Color: brown+black

Dimension: approx.160mm×70mm×170mm/6.30×2.76×6.69in

Nettogewicht: 150g



1pcs plank mouse trap



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