RF LED RGB Controller Regler Touch-Funk Steuergerät Wireless 18A + Fernbedienung

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RF LED RGB Controller Regler Touch-Funk Steuergerät Wireless 18A + Fernbedienung

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Novel, fashionable, unique, noble appearance, high sensitivity with good feeling.

The touching ring is sensitive, the RGB color wheel is very intuitive appear in the touch ring, user can choose the color they prefer easily. Besides, this remote can be touch single point or to touch continually to realize choosing the color.

Low power consumption, long lifespan, can be touch infinite times, overcome the shortcomings of traditional key short lifespan.

With auto resting function, it will be turn into resting state after 20 seconds with touching the remote control, this function can realize saving electricity and prolong the battery lifespan.

Stable remote, long remote distance.



Color: Black

Working temperature: -20℃-60℃

Input voltage: DC12-24V

Output: 3 channels

Output current: 6 A (each channel)

Connection mode: General anode

Static power consumption: <0.5 W

Remote standby power: 0.08mW

Remote power consumption: 6mW

Remote input: AAA battery*3pcs(NOT included)

Output Power: 12V: <216W, 24V: <432W

The frequency of RF remote control: 433.92 MHz

LED touch controller dimension: approx.113mm×49mm×23mm/4.45×1.93×0.91in

Remote control dimension: approx.114mm×56mm×23.5cm/4.49×2.20×0.93in



1 x LED touch controller

1 x Remote control(NOT included battery)



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