Elektro Magnetventil Ventil Solenoid Magnetic Valve für Wasser Luft Gas DC 12V

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Working current:                      DC 12V
Voltage range:                         ± 10% rated voltage
Working voltage:                     300mA 
Working media:                       water and low viscosity fluids
Medium temperature range:  approx. 30 ~ 195 ºF
Working pressure range:        0.02MPa~0.8MPa
Operation mode:                     normally closed
Operation type:                        diaphragm valve
Solenoid valve Material:         brass (interface) & plastic (body)
Return function: Possess
Thread size: NPSM 1/2" 14 TPI (Same pitch as NPT but straight. Use plumber's tape or soldering when connecting to NPT)
Check valve and filter are all easily removable. Valve can function without them

Package Included:
1 x DC 12V Solenoid Valve