40cm Auslöser Shutter Drahtauslöser Kabelauslöser Fernauslöser Release fürKamera

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Product description:

-100% Brand new and high quality.
-Plastic cover 16 inch locking cable release.
-This shutter is specifically design for the camera while making applies to most of the camera, accessory for the dedicated photo camera system. 
-Standard sized thread connector.
-Use this device to reduce camera shake when shooting with a tripod, make sure your camera is perfectly stable and immobile. 
-One hand operation leaving your other hand free. 
-Shutter may be locked or opened for extended periods .
-Total Length: 40cm (16 inch) 
-Compatible with Fuji S7000 S9500, S9600, Nikon F3 and F4, F80, FM2 etc.

1x Cable Release