1x Antischnarch Nasenclip Nasenspreizer Schnarchstopper Anti Schnarchen+Etui Box

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This small snore stopper can effectively eliminate or relieve snoring.

It can be easily removed.

Made of high quality material, safe and durable.

Lightweight and portable, easy to carry.




When you insert the snore stoppers into your nose, the nasal canal widens and a maximum airflow is created by your nose.

The soft tissue at the back of the neck stops vibrating and the snoring ceases immediately.




Material: PE 1810H 

Color: White

Spiral length: 16mm/0.63”

Spiral diameter: 11mm/0.43” (Max.)

Single weight (Approx.): 8g (with carrying case)


Package included:


1x Snore Stopper