12 x Federbälle Badminton Naturfederball mit echten Federn Federball

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100% nagelneu und hohe Qualität
12 Stück weiße Federbälle Badminton
Schnelle Salven und konsequenter Flug
Ideal zum Üben und Gelegenheitsspielen
Premium Material: Natural goose feather distributed evenly which provides the badminton shuttlecock a steady flight and resistance play. High-quality cork head makes a smooth flight and a consistent bounce. 
Strong Structure: Strong adhesive glue makes the frame sturdy and ensure the feather and head not easy to crack, which maintains a good flight stability and offer a durable experience. 
Durable Play: The sleek goose feather are superior resistance to play compared with duck feather. High quality cork head is lightweight but good hardness which makes it super durable. 
Widely Application: Perfect choice for amateurs, beginner or professional players when exercising, training, entertaining. 
Sturdy Packaging: 12pcs ball is packed in a tube which can well protect the feather from bumping. 

Farben: Weiß, Schwarz

12 x Badminton